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ITACCS offers a wide range of educational programs that are popular with health care professionals in trauma, which you can use as highly effective "marketing through education" vehicles:

TraumaCare Journal: (1500 copies disributed worldwide via postal mail and also available for download via this Website, which is visited regularly by trauma care professionals from around the globe) The Society's official peer-received publication is the perfect venu for "niche marketing" in trauma. This 40-page publication is produced 4 times a year by ITACCS. It is both circulated to more than 1,500 addresses worldwide and available in PDF for download and printing from the ITACCS Website. In total, the TraumaCare Journal enjoys a distribution in excess of 10,000 copies per edition. The editorial content is supplied by ITACCS and features current developments in the field such as product news, research abstracts, book reviews, meeting reports, and more!!

TraumaCare ATACCS (Annual Trauma Anesthesia and Critical Care Symposium and World Exposition): the yearly international scientific meeting on the perioperative anesthetic and critical care management of trauma typically draws more than 500 participants and 30 exhibitors. Exhibits, commercial satellite seminars, special marketing focus groups are available.

ITACCS Regional Refresher Courses Winter Ski, Summer Fun, etc... . About 100 persons each - and reaches the private practice/non-academic group of practitioners. Feature ITACCS Special Hands-On Skills Workshops

Commercially Sponsored Satellite Seminars: Feature your product in one of these parallel programs and not only reach the audience you want, already assembled by ITACCS, but have a special monograph and/or videotape prepared about your product in trauma, for distribution to professionals by your own sales force and through the impressive and extensive international networks of ITACCS.

ITACCS Marketing Focus Groups and Consultant Services: Imagine being able to spend time with world-class trauma anesthesia, emergency medicine, and critical care experts there just to discuss your current products and/or products in development and to give you valuable "insider" information. These professionals understand their market and tell you what you critically need to know.

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