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ITACCS National Chapters

The ITACCS National Chapter Program was developed in 1992, when the Society had less than five years' history as an association and had reached the turning point at which there was a confluence of many other events. For example, ITACCS had reached a level of maturity and had an established list of accomplishments that accorded it a certain level of respectability, allowing it to be more effective in conducting broad-scale international activities. At the same time, many founding members in the various nations were demanding the creation of a mechanism by which the concepts, educational programs, and scientific foundations available through the ITACCS Global Network could be made available within their own countries (see European Journal of Emergencies, Vol. 8, No. 4, pp 151-155, 1995).

The ITACCS National Chapter therefore was conceived as a vehicle for information and technology exchange between the respective nation and the international network created by ITACCS, thus permitting internal dissemination of this information and technology. Thereby, a vehicle would also exist for essentially "plugging-in" any other programs developed by ITACCS on a worldwide basis. Since the inception of the ITACCS National Chapter Program, more recently the ITACCS Developing Nations Program (DNP) has been emplaced in many countries that have already formed ITACCS National Chapters.

The strategy is to keep the organizational aspects as simple as possible and to allow a "grass roots" approach to be largely managed by individuals within a given nation. The following are the essential basic criteria and program requirements for forming an ITACCS National Chapter:

  1. All members of a given ITACCS National Chapter must also be members of the international body, paying established dues in accordance with their status as a full practitioner or in-training member. Such membership in ITACCS accords them benefits similar to those of any other ITACCS member, which includes a membership certificate, regular subscription to the ITACCS journal, as well as placement on other affiliated mailing lists that will supply continued information on trauma, anesthesia, and critical care issues.

  2. The given ITACCS National Chapter will appoint a National Chairman, a National Council, a National Secretary, and an ITACCS National Representative. All correspondence between a given national chapter and the international body will occur through the ITACCS National Representative communicating with the ITACCS Executive Director.

  3. ITACCS, the parent body, is a not-for-profit foundation recognized under the regulations established by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (under which domain the World Headquarters office falls) as a 501c3 entity. Each individual ITACCS National Chapter must be established similarly as a separate not-for-profit foundation and/or charity organization under the existing laws governing such activities in the respective nation. Proof of the formation and registration of a given ITACCS National Chapter must be forwarded to ITACCS World Headquarters before formal recognition of and transfer of educational materials (e.g., computer discs) can be undertaken.

  4. The given ITACCS National Chapter will have complete liberty in organizing any and all educational and scientific programs within the respective country. Specific requests for assistance from the international body must be made on a case-by-case basis. Any scientific or educational program organized on a national/local basis must carry the phrase "Trauma Anesthesia and Critical Care" and must recognize the affiliation with the international body.

  5. A given ITACCS National Chapter may develop its own appropriate logo de novo. They may use the official logo of the international parent body (after having applied for and received permission). They may create their own letterhead for use within the given nation, for correspondence with other ITACCS National Chapters, and for communication with the ITACCS World Headquarters.

  6. A given ITACCS National Chapter may compete to be the site for the Annual Trauma Anesthesia and Critical Care Symposium (ATACCS).

  7. Collection of any additional fees above and beyond the annual dues for membership in the international body are at the discretion of the council of the respective national chapter and approval of the general membership of the chapter, with the only provision being that these funds are not being collected for the purpose of transfer of wealth from the general membership to the council (i.e., funds should be applied toward programs designed to benefit the entire national chapter).

    On that note, it is worth appreciating that at this time no board member or committee chairperson of the international body is eligible for any reimbursement of travel expenses nor, typically, does any member of ITACCS participating in a Society-sanctioned project receive an honorarium. All income generated through ITACCS-sponsored activities is reinvested into Society growth and into propagation of the trauma anesthesia and critical care movement worldwide. Specific grants are awarded strictly through peer review process (e.g., annual research awards are administered through the ITACCS Research Committee).

  8. Any specific questions or areas of uncertainty should be directed in writing to the ITACCS Executive Director at the ITACCS World Headquarters.

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