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Instructions for Abstract Submission

  1. Due date: April 1, 2003
  2. Use English only
  3. Word limit: 500
  4. Type single space only; use 10-point type.
  5. Type title in capital/lowercase letters.
  6. Author(s) and institution(s), city, state, and country, in capital/lowercase letters, should follow the title.
  7. Underline name of presenting author.
  8. Begin with a statement of learning objectives.
  9. Indent paragraphs with a [TAB].
  10. Organize abstract as follows:
    • purpose of study
    • method used
    • results
    • conclusion
  11. List references, as applicable.
  12. May include simple table or graph (counts as 50 words).
  13. Use standard abbreviations; place unusual ones in parentheses after first use.
  14. Abstracts may be reformatted for publication, but content will not be changed.
  15. Submit abstract electronically to and send hard copy to Linda Kesselring via fax or mail (see addresses listed below).
  16. Abstracts will be reviewed only after the presenting author has registered for the symposium.

Abstract Submission Form (Print this page)

Submit abstracts electronically, via fax or postal service and include the Abstract Submission Form:

E-MAIL abstract to

Mail or Fax printout of abstract to:

Ms. Linda Kesselring
PO Box 4826
Baltimore MD 21211 USA

Phone: 410-328-7449
Fax: 410-328-3699

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Instructions for Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Form

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