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The ITACCS Research Award Program is part of ongoing worldwide efforts to bring trauma care in line with the same level of development of the other medical specialities.

ITACCS recognizes that access to peer-reviewed funding is enhanced by evidence of successful prior experimentation. These awards are intended to provide initial support for investigators who seek to obtain further support for the continuation of their projects. Awards are made within the general field of perioperative trauma, anesthesia, emergency medicine and critical care, including basic science or clinical research, clinical management, education, or administration:

  • Prehospital/EMS/Field/Scene
  • In-Hospital
    • Pre-Op Stabilization/Resuscitation
    • Anesthetic Preparation/Induction
    • Intraoperative Anesthesia and Operative Management
    • Post-Op Critical Care: PACU/ICU
    • Pain Management: Pre-Op/Post-Op/Field
  • Administration/Orginization of Trauma Services

Award Categories
  • Best Scientific Awards
    • First place -- $2000
    • Second place -- $1250
    • Third place -- $750

  • In-Training Research Awards
    • First place -- $750
    • Second place -- $250
Persons interested in submitting abstracts should follow the
Instructions for Abstract submission.

Final judgements for all awards will be made during the Annual Trauma Anesthesia and Critical Care Symposium. For details on the symposium contact ITACCS.

Research Awards

Instructions for Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Form

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