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ITACCS welcomes the submission of manuscripts for publication in its journal, TraumaCare. Reports on airway management; new equipment; new drugs or new applications of old drugs; training programs for technicians, nurses, and physicians in trauma care; and trauma care in developing nations are encouraged. Reports of disaster management, original research in any aspect of trauma care, and case reports of difficult problems are also of interest. Topics related to injury prevention, prehospital care, improvements in hospital management of injured patients, long-term rehabilitation, and ultimate outcome after injury will be considered as well.


John K. Stene, MD, PhD
Department of Anesthesia
The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
Hershey, PA 17033 USA

Publication Schedule

TraumaCare is published four times each year.

Peer Review

Manuscripts will be peer reviewed by the co-editors and by members of the editorial board for content, adequacy of presentation, and interest to the readers of TraumaCare. Authors will be informed of editorial decisions regarding manuscript acceptance, manuscript rejection, or requests for text revisions. Manuscripts accepted for publication will be copyedited by the managing editor according to standard rules of English and for compliance with journal style.

Manuscript Preparation

TraumaCare has adopted the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals, as published in JAMA (277:927-934, March 19, 1997) and described at The desired manuscript length is 6 to 12 pages of double-spaced text. Authors' use of tables and illustrations is encouraged. Glossy prints of halftones are requested (rather than transmission of scanned images via the Internet). One print of each figure is sufficient for manuscript review and publication. Questions about manuscript preparation can be directed to the managing editor (see contact information below).


Along with notification of manuscript acceptance, the managing editor will request the corresponding author's assistance with the writing of learning objectives and questions and answers for the continuing medical education option offered in each issue of the journal. The number of objectives and questions will vary (usually from one to four) according to the length of the manuscript and its topic.

Prints and disks can be returned to authors upon request.

Opinions expressed in TraumaCare are those of the authors and not necessarily those of ITACCS.

Articles published in TraumaCare are copyrighted by ITACCS. To request permission to reprint material published in TraumaCare, contact the managing editor.

Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts can be submitted to the managing editor via e-mail or postal service. They will be forwarded to the journal's co-editors for preliminary review before being forwarded to members of the editorial board. Manuscripts are received and reviewed with the understanding that they have not been published previously except in abstract form and that the author(s) will transfer copyright to ITACCS if the work is published in TraumaCare.

Submit manuscripts to:

Ms. Ann Donaldson, ELS
Managing Editor, TraumaCare
P.O. Box 4826
Baltimore MD 21211 USA

Linda J. Kesselring, MS, ELS
Editorial Consultant, TraumaCare and ITACCS
Email Linda Kesselring

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