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TraumaCare Express: Cost Information

Multiple Cost Savings

Think about all of the elements that you will need to undertake a mailing by yourself: not only printing a sufficient number of the piece you wish to mail, but also mailhouse fees, label purchase fees, full for-profit postage charges, as well as possibly even envelopes for your mailing. TraumaCare Express avoids all of that!

By participating in TraumaCare Express mailing, not only do you get all of the quality and effectiveness benefits listed above, but also you save on all of these costs:

  • You cost-share mailing house fees with others participating in the mailing
  • ITACCS supplies its own special proprietary-controlled database
  • ITACCS covers the cost of the envelopes and custom printing
  • All ITACCS-related materials are distributed under ITACCS' not-for-profit status with the U.S. postal authority

Additionally, if mailed separately (either as a for-profit or a not-for-profit) you would further incur the expenses of

  • Envelopes (at least $90 per 1,000)
  • Mailing list purchases
  • Mailhouse services (e.g., at least $40/1,000 machine loaded, $65-70/1,000 hand-loaded)

Special Discount Offer

As part of the TraumaCare Express package, your piece will not only enjoy the benefits of having been mailed along with other trauma-related items, to the exclusive ITACCS extended mailing list, at the discount rate, but as part of our compounded special discount, you will be limited to the following costs:

U.S. Only$1,350.00
Canadian Only$1,350.00
International Only$3,500.00
Special World Wide Delivery$5,000.00

But, best of all you get your piece in front of the professionals you are trying to target, in an effective and cost efficient way!

"Trauma is an unavoidable element of almost any anesthetic practice today. Therefore, it is imperative for the clinician to have a sound and concise means of how to deal with traumatic injuries as they present themselves. TraumaCare brings the important and controversial issues to the forefront. It allows one to stay in touch with what is continually evolving in the world of trauma, from clinical research to economics and legislative issues. Most importantly, it is presented from an international level which makes this a must read for anyone who participates in the care of trauma patients."
-Robert M. Pousman, DO
Attending Physician, Neuro Intensive Care Unit at Hermann Hospital
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anesthesia/Critical Care, University of Texas, Houston

"As an anesthesia fellow deeply interested in trauma care, I find that ITACCS and its programs, in particular the TraumaCare newsmagazine, provide me with an ever-expanding horizon of opportunities as an anesthesiologist and critical care specialist in trauma care. As the specialty of anesthesiology evolves to adapt to the changing health care environment of today, anesthesiologists have an expanding role in trauma care. The newsmagazine serves as a forum for professionals like me to exchange views and influence the practices of other trauma specialists."
-Paul Barach, M.D., M.P.H.
Dept. of Anesthesiolgy, Massachusetts General Hospital
Harvard Medical School

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