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TraumaCare Express

ITACCS has established a reputation in the international traumatology community for providing high-quality educational and scientific programs. Therefore, individuals receiving the special TraumaCare Express mailing, now four times a year, are looking forward to reviewing the contents, which are clearly listed on the outside of the special envelope. Thus, TraumaCare Express is an extremely effective way for getting your message across.

Publishers, particularly those with which ITACCS has formal affiliations, have found this method to be effective in the past, as it allows the opportunity for well-targeted advertising, as well as for measuring results!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is TraumaCare Express?

TraumaCare Express originally developed out of the need to distribute TraumaCare Journal, the official Journal of ITACCS. TraumaCare Express has now evolved into an exclusive not-for-profit service to the international professional trauma care community. However, members of the commercial community have also embraced this service: Often times, commerical organizations wish to target the same database represented by distribution of the journal, but have a piece which is either too large to insert into TraumaCare Journal, or alternatively, the organization only has a certain type of piece currently prepared, and do not want to go through the efforts of creating a specific piece for advertising in a magazine format. Therefore, TraumaCare Express offers a great degree of flexibility, as well as the same effective and cost-efficient method reaching practitioners with your important message.

Who Does it Go To? "The target audience"

Your piece will be mailed along with other items to be carried in the Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter mailouts of TraumaCare Express, which will go out to the exclusive ITACCS "extended list."

This list includes not only the ITACCS international membership, but also the expanded list of ITACCS "affiliates," which include individuals who are not members of the Society, but who have attended ITACCS CME events in the past two years, have applied for information about various ITACCS publications or activities; are residency directors in the specialties of anesthesiology, critical care, surgery, emergency medicine, and pediatrics; are chairpersons of university programs in the same specialty areas; are members of university associations (academicians) in the same specialty areas, and/or are in some other way have been previously identified as members of the multi-disciplinary field of traumatology.

The distribution of TraumaCare Express totals many thousands. You can choose which distribution option best suits your needs - United States, Canada, International or Worldwide (includes all). The database of recipients is continually updated, so you can be sure your TraumaCare Express material is received by interested parties. Mail to trauma experts in the U.S., Canada, International or any combination. For any questions or greater detail please contact us.

How would my piece go out?

This mailing will be divided into three (3) components: Domestic (U.S.), Canada, International. You can select any one or more of these mailings. To realize the greatest overall savings, and maximize the impact of your message utilize the super-discounted "WorldWide Service".

What is the cost?

See Cost Savings and Special Discounts.

TraumaCare Express Contact Information

ITACCS World Headquarters
P.O. Box 4826
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
FAX (410) 235-8084
email: Linda Kesselring

"I am a practicing anesthesiologist involved in prehospital trauma care and with our Level 1 Trauma Center at the University Hospital of Copenhagen. Our department recently took the lead responsibility for managing the seriously injured trauma patients as trauma team leaders at our facility. Anesthesiologists in many European countries serve as 'the trauma doc' and as the trauma team leader. The information that comes to us through TraumaCare, TraumaCare Express helps us stay on top of what is new in trauma care, from systems management to sophisticated hands-on patient care, and close contact with other committed trauma-physicians. This is a unique and important service in trauma care today."
-Freddy Lippert, M.D., Trauma Anesthesiologist
Director, Trauma Center 3142
Dept. of Anesthesia, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark

"As a product manager of a medical device with great application in trauma care, I find that the TraumaCare magazine provides the perfect outlet for me as a 'niche marketer' in this unique and growing marketplace. Advertising in the magazine allows me to reach a diverse group of professionals with a common interest. It is clear that ITACCS members are the 'thought leaders' in the trauma care marketplace."
-Dennis Barrett, Product Manager
Nu-TRAKE, Bivona Medical Technologies, Gary, Indiana

"My practice involves taking care of not only the patients with maxillofacial trauma and injuries of the hand, but also we have an active regional burn center and burn critical care unit. Because of the propensity for mixed trauma with our burn victims, getting a comprehensive view of the care of the trauma patient is essential. Moreover, international perspectives are key today as medical education has become global. In this vein, ITACCS provides a valuable service. Thank You."
-Lesley K. Wong, M.D., FACS
Assistant Director, Baltimore Regional Burn Center
Chief, Burn Critical Care, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

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