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Trauma and Resuscitation International Group for Experimentation and Research


  1. Steering committee
  2. Scientific advisory board
  3. Institutional review board (internal)
  4. Investigators
  5. Support personnel


  1. TRIGER is a talented and energetic group, counting among its members both young investigators and well established, highly respected leaders in trauma care.
  2. TRIGER investigators have considerable combined insight into appropriate strategies for drug and device development.
  3. TRIGER offers an effective mechanism that facilitates communication between industry and investigators.
  4. TRIGER, through its ITACCS support network, can promote unparalleled diffusion and dissemination of pertinent new information derived from research efforts. Via the spectrum of wholly owned and controlled educational and scientific media outlets (e.g., journal, textbooks, monographs, symposia, seminars), constituting a “closed loop,” sponsors with new products relevant to the field have a ready opportunity for “one-stop shopping."


  1. Conduct multi-center studies and clinical trials in trauma care and resuscitation.
  2. Facilitate rapid enrollment of larger numbers of patients to address important trauma issues.
  3. Disseminate and increase knowledge about care of the severely injured across the broad field of trauma practitioners.
  4. Enhance bench-to-bedside applications.
  5. Increase clinical trials activity in an efficient manner
  6. Support training of clinical investigators seeking access to large volumes of trauma patient populations and specialized groups.
  7. Coordinate trauma and resuscitation research at diverse sites.
  8. Explore preferred relationships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies interested in trauma care.
  9. Link industry to physicians for consulting, advisory boards, and trials design.
  10. Provide outcomes and disease management expertise.
  11. Create a “closed loop” of educational material and research data from original study, translated to clinical applications, and disseminated to clinicians worldwide via the various ITACCS media and educational outlets.

Pre-Study Services

  1. Make ITACCS faculty more available to sponsors
  2. Create a computerized multidisciplinary investigation–sponsor database.
  3. Establish master and standardized agreements with sponsors and then among participating study sites.
  4. Create and negotiate internal and external budgets with outside sponsors, streamlining the process and making it more cost effective.
  5. Prepare study budgets, negotiate budgets with sponsors, and promote study budgets with participating sites.
  6. Assist with recruitment of study centers and patients.

Study Services

  1. Full coordination of activities between centers and sponsors.
  2. Regular communication with investigators for updates.
  3. Quarterly administration and reconciliation of financial statements.
  4. Management of contract payments and receivables.
  5. Administrative support of clinical trials.
  6. Liaison between pharmaceutical and biotech companies and investigators.
  7. Review of study-specific agreements and expediting of approval.
  8. Provision of educational experiences to coordinators and investigators.


  1. Independent TRIGER/ITACCS IRB.
  2. Draft of IRB submission and consent forms.
  3. Protocol tracking through IRB queries.
  4. Draft responses to individual IRB queries.
  5. Collection of regulatory documents and maintenance of regulatory binder.

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